sāvitra सावित्र

Definition: a. (&isharp;) belonging or sacred to, derived from, Savitri; m. son or descend ant of Savitri: &isharp;, f. (sc. rik) Savitri verse, sp. that beginning &open;Tát savitúr várenyam&close; (RV.III, 62, 10: also called Gâyatrî); ini tiation into caste with the Sâvitrî verse, inves titure of the twice-born castes (C.); (daugh ter of Savitri) Name of Sûryâ, of Brahman's wife, of a daughter of Asvapati (wife of Sat yavat), and of various other women; Name of a river: (î)-patita, pp. excluded from initia tion with the Sâvitrî; -paribhrashta, pp. id.

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