sūtra सूत्र

Definition: n. [√ sîv] V., C.: thread, string, cord (ord. mg.); C.: sacred cord (worn over the left shoulder by the three upper castes); measuring line; fibre; line; sketch, plan; (thread running through and holding toge ther=) concise rule or aphorism; manual consisting of aphoristic rules: -ka, n. thread, cord; -kâra, m. author of a Sûtra work or manual; -tantu, m. thread; -daridra, a. (poor in threads=) threadbare: -tâ, f. thread bare condition; -dhâra, m. [holder of the measuring line] carpenter, builder, architect; wire-puller=] stage-manager; --°ree; m., î, f. leading spirit in; -pâta, m. drop of the measuring line: -m kri or kar, measure, compare; -pitaka, m. n. (basket=) collec tion of the Buddhistic Sûtras; -prota, pp. attached to (=worked by) strings (puppet); -bhrit, m. stage-manager.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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