sūta सूत

Definition: m. (of doubtful derivation, prob. to be connected with1. -;for 1. 2. sūta-See pp. 1239 and 1240) a charioteer, driver, groom, equerry, master of the horse (especially an attendant on a king who in earlier literature is often mentioned together with the grāma-ṇ/ī-;in the epics also a royal herald or bard, whose business was to proclaim the heroic actions of the king and his ancestors, while he drove his chariot to battle, or on state occasions, and who had therefore to know by heart portions of the epic poems and ancient ballads;he is the son of a kṣatriya- by a brāhmaṇī- or of a Brahman [accord. to śāśvata- also of a śūdra-] and a kṣatriyā-;the most celebrated sūta- was loma-harṣaṇa- who was a pupil of vyāsa-) etc. ()