sītā सीता

Definition: सीता [सि-त पृषो˚ दीर्घः] 1 A furrow, track or line of a ploughshare. -2 (Hence) A tilled or furrowed ground, ploughed land; वृषेव सीतां तदवग्रहक्षताम् Ku.5.61. -3 Husbandry, agriculture; as in सीताद्रव्य q. v. -4 Name of the daughter of Janaka, king of Mithilā, and wife of Rāma.; जनकानां कुले कीर्तिमाहरिष्यति मे सुता । सीता भर्तार- मासाद्य रामं दशरथात्मजम् ॥ Rām.1.67.22. [She was so called because she was supposed to have sprung from a furrow made by king Janaka while ploughing the ground to prepare it for a sacrifice which he had instituted to obtain progeny, and hence also her epithets, 'Ayonijā', 'Dharāputrī' &c. She was married to Rāma and accompanied him to the forest. While there she was once carried off by Rāvaṇa who tried to violate her chastity, but she scornfully rejected his suit. When Rāma came to know that she was in Lankā, he attacked ther place, killed Rāvaṇa and his host of demons, and recovered Sītā. She had, however, to pass through the terrible ordeal of fire before she could be received by her husband as his wife. Though thus convinced of her chastity, he had afterwards to abandon her, when far advanced in pregnancy, because the people continued to suspect her fidelity. She however, found a protector in the sage Vālmīki, at whose hermitage she was delivered of Kuśa and Lava, and who brought them up. She was ultimately restored to Rāma by the sage.] -5 Name of a goddess, wife of Indra. -6 Name of Umā -7 N of Lakṣmī. -8 Name of one of the four fabulous branches (the eastern branch) of the Ganges. -9 Spirituous liquor. -Comp. -अध्यक्षः superintendent of agriculture. -द्रव्यम् implements of agriculture, tools of husbandry; सीताद्रव्यापहरणे शस्त्राणा- मौषधस्य च Ms.9.293. -पतिः Name of Rāmachandra. -फलः the custard-apple tree. (-लम्) its fruit.

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