sūrya सूर्य

Definition: m. the sun or its deity (in the veda- the name sūrya- is generally distinguished from savitṛ- [q.v.] , and denotes the most concrete of the solar gods, whose connection with the luminary is always present to the poet's mind;in he is regarded as one of the original Vedic triad, his place being in the sky, while that of agni- is on the earth, and that of indra- is in the atmosphere;ten hymns in the are entirely in praise of sūrya- exempli gratia, 'for example' ,also ;he moves through the sky in a chariot drawn by seven ruddy horses or mares [see saptāśva-, harit-, harid-aśva-];in the later mythology sūrya- is identified with savitṛ- as one of the 12 āditya-s or emblems of the Sun in the 12 months of the year, and his seven-horsed chariot is said to be driven by aruṇa- or the Dawn as its charioteer, who is represented without legs;the Sun, whether named sūrya- or vivasvat-, has several wivesSee sūryā-below) etc. (see )