sāṃparāya सांपराय

Definition: सांपराय a. (-यी f.) 1 Relating to war, warlike. -2 Relating to the other world, future. -यः, -यम् 1 Conflict, contention. -2 Future life, the future; योगिनां सांपराय- विधिमनुशिक्षयन् Bhāg.5.6.6. -3 The means of attaining the future world. -4 Inquiry into the future; यस्य प्रमाणं मृगवः सांपराये Bhāg.8.19.2. -5 Inquiry, investigation. -6 Uncertainty. -7 A helper; Mb.1.3.58. -8 Need, distress, calamity; उक्तपूर्वं कुतो राजन् सांपराये स वक्ष्यति Mb.1.48.11.

Dictionary: Apte
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