rudhira रुधिर

Definition: रुधिर a. [रुध्-किरच् Uṇ.1.5] Red, red-coloured. -रम् 1 Blood. -2 Saffron. -रः 1 The red colour. -2 The planet Mars; रोहिणीशकटमर्कनन्दनश्चेद् भिनत्ति रुधिरो$थवा शशी Pt.1.213. -3 A kind of precious stone. -Comp. -अन्धः Name of a hell. -अशनः 'a blood-eater', a demon, an evil spirit. -आख्यः a kind of precious stone. -आननम् one of the five retrograding motions of Mars. -आमयः hemorrhage, piles. -उद्गारिन् a. 1 emitting blood. -2 Name of a संवत्सर. -पायिन् m. a demon. -प्लावित a. soaked in blood. -लालस a. sanguinary. -लेपः a. spot of blood. -सार a. sanguine.

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