rucaka रुचक

Definition: रुचक a. [रुच्-क्वुन् Uṇ.2.36.] 1 Agreeable, pleasing. -2 Stomachic. -3 Sharp, acrid. -कः 1 The citron; पूर्णान्यक्षतपात्राणि रुचकं रोचनास्तथा Mb.7.82.21. -2 A pigeon. -3 A type of column with four rectangular sides; समचतुरस्रो रुचकः Bṛi. S.5.28. -कम् 1 A tooth. -2 A golden ornament especially for the neck. -3 A tonic, stomachic. -4 A wreath, garland. -5 Sochal salt. -6 A curl on a horse's neck. -7 A lucky object. -8 A building having terraces on three sides and closed on the north only. -9 Alkali. -1 A stone for grinding sandalwood; L. D. B.

Dictionary: Apte
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