ruc रुच्

Definition: रुच् 1 Ā. (रोचते, रुरुचे, अरुचत्-अरोचिष्ट, रोचिष्यते, रुचित) 1 To shine, look splendid or beautiful, be resplendent; रुरुचिरे रुचिरेक्षणविभ्रमाः Śi.6.46; Ms.3.62. -2 To like, be pleased with (said of persons), be agreeable to, please (of things); used with dat. of the person who is pleased and nom. of the thing; न स्रजो रुरुचिरे रमणीभ्यः Ki.9.35; यदेव रोचते यस्मै भवेत् तत् तस्य सुन्दरम् H.2.53; sometimes with gen. of person; दारिद्र्यान्मरणाद् वा मरणं मम रोचते न दारिद्र्यम् Mk.1.11. -Caus. (रोचयति-ते) 1 To cause to like, make pleasant or agreeable; यतात्मने रोचयितुं यतस्व Ku.3.16. -2 To illuminate, irradiate. -3 To like, find pleasure in. -4 To resolve -Desid. (रुरु-रो-चिषते) To wish to like &c.

Dictionary: Apte
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