ru रु

Definition: substitute र् for the consonant स् at the end of a word as also for the ष् of सजुत्र्, न् of अहन् and optionally with र् for the final स् of अम्नस्, ऊधस् and अवस् in Veda; e.g. अग्निरत्र, वायुरत्र, सजूर्देवोभिः cf. P.VIII.2.66; the र् of this रु (as contrasted with the substitute र् which see above) is further changed into उ before a soft consonant and before the vowel अ provided it is preceded by the vowel अ, while र्, prescribed as substitute र (which see above), remains unchanged; e g. शिवोर्च्यः, शिवो वन्द्य: as contrasted with अहरत्र, अहर्गण:; (2) substitute र् for the final ज् of अवयज् (e. g, अवयाः), for ह् of श्वेतवह् (e.g. श्वेतवाः), and for श् of पुरोडाश् (e.g. पुगेडा:) before the case affix सु; cf.P.VIII.4.67;(3)substitute र् (or द्) for the final स् or द् of a verb-form ending with the personal ending सिप् of the 2nd pers. sing; cf. P. VIII.2.74,75;(4)substitute र् for the final न् of words ending with the affix मत् or वस् in Veda; e.g. मरुत्व: हरिवः; cf. Kas. on P.VIII.3.1; (5) substitute र् for the final न् at the end of a word when it is followed by a छव् letter i.e. the first or a second consonant excepting ख् and फ्; e.g. भवांश्चिनोति; cf. P.VIII. 3.7; (6) substitute र् for the final न् of नॄन् before the letter प् as also for the final न् of स्वतवान् and कान् under certain conditions; cf. P. VIII.3. 10.12.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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