rohiṇī रोहिणी

Definition: रोहिणी 1 A red cow. -2 A cow in general; वर्धिष्णु- धाराध्वनि रोहिणीः पयः Śi.12.4. -3 Name of the fourth lunar mansion (containing five stars) figured by a cart; she was one of the several daughters of Dakṣa and is regarded as the most favourite consort of the moon; उपरागान्ते शशिनः समुपगता रोहिणी योगम् Ś.7.22. -4 Name of a wife of Vasudeva and mother of Balarāma -5 A young girl in whom menstruation has just commenced; नववर्षा च रोहिणी. -6 Lightning. -7 Inflammation of the throat. -8 A kind of steel. -9 A particular श्रुति or मूर्च्छना (in music). -Comp. -अष्टमी the eighth day in the month of Bhādrapada (when the moon is in conjunction with Rohiṇī). -तनयः Balarāma. -पतिः, -प्रियः, -वल्लभः the moon. -योगः the conjunction of the moon with the Nakṣatra रोहिणी. -रमणः 1 a bull. -2 the moon. -शकटः the constellation Rohiṇī figured by a cart; रोहिणीशकटमर्कनन्दनश्चेद्भिनत्ति रुधिरो$थवा शशी Pt.1.23 (= Bṛi. S.47.14). -सितः, -भवः Mercury.

Dictionary: Apte
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