rohiṇī रोहिणी

Definition: f. Name of the ninth nakṣatra- or lunar asterism and of the lunar day belonging to it (in this sense it may optionally have the accent on the last syllable;it is personified as a daughter of dakṣa-, and as the favourite wife of the Moon, called"the Red one"from the colour of the star Aldebaran or principal star in the constellation which contains 5 stars, prob.,, , Tauri, and is figured by a wheeled vehicle or sometimes by a temple or fish;it is exceptionally plural,and in and there are 2 nakṣatra-s of this name;it may also be used as an adjective (cf. mfn.) and mean"born under the nakṣatra- rohiṇī-" Va1rtt. 1)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: TS., TBr., Pa1n2. 4-3 , 34
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