rohiṇī रोहिणी

Definition: a. f. of roh-in, and róhita; f. (róh-) red cow; (róh- or -inî) Name of a lunar mansion (consisting of five stars and variously regarded as resembling a cart, a temple, or a fish; personified as a daughter of Daksha and favourite wife of the moon); lunar day connected with Rohinî; young girl in whom menstruation has just commenced; cow (C.); Name of the wife of Vasudeva and mother of Balarâma: -kânta, m.moon; -tanaya, m. met. of Balarâma; -taru, m. a certain tree; -pati, -priya, m. moon; -yoga, m. conjunction of the moon with the asterism Rohinî; -ramana, m. moon; -½îsa, m. id.; -sakata, m. cart of Rohinî (the asterism).

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