raudra रौद्र

Definition: रौद्र a. (-द्रा-द्री f.) [रुद्र-अण्] 1 'Rudra-like', violent, irascible, wrathful. -2 Fierce, savage, terrible, wild. -3 Addressed to Rudra (as a hymn). -4 Bringing misfortune; calamitous. -5 Relating to Rudra; रौद्रं व्रतं समास्थाय नियतो नियतेन्द्रियः Rām.7.13.21. -द्रः 1 A worshipper of Rudra. -2 Heat, ardour, warmth, passion, wrath. -3 The sentiment of wrath or furiousness; रौद्रःक्रोधस्थायिभावो रक्तो रुद्राधिदैवतः S. D.232 or K. P.4. -4 Name of Yama. -5 Winter. -6 Name of a संवत्सर. -द्रम् 1 Wrath, rage -2 Formidableness, fierceness, savageness. -3 Heat, warmth; solar heat. -Comp. -कर्मन् a. doing dreadful acts. (-n.) a terrible magic rite. -दर्शन a. frightful-looking, terrific.

Dictionary: Apte
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