rata रत

Definition: रत p. p. [रम्-कर्तरि क्त] 1 Pleased, delighted, gratified. -2 Pleased or delighted with, fond of, enamoured of, fondly attached to. -3 Inclined to, disposed. -4 Loved, beloved. -5 Intent on, engaged in, devoted to; गोब्राह्मणहिते रतः Ms.11.78. -6 Having sexual intercourse with (see रम्). -तम् 1 Pleasure. -2 Sexual union, coition; अन्वभूत् परिजनाङ्गनारतम् R.19.23,25; Me.91. -3 The private parts. -Comp. -अन्ध्री (अङ्घ्री ?) f. mist, fog, -अन्दुकः, -आमर्दः a dog. -अयनी a prostitute, harlot. -अर्थिन् a. lustful, lascivious. -उद्वहः the (Indian) cuckoo. -ऋद्धिक 1 a day. -2 the eight auspicious objects. -3 bathing for pleasure. -कीलः 1 a dog. -2 a penis. -कूजितम् lustful or lascivious murmur. -गुरुः a husband. -गृहम् pudendum muliebre. -ज्वरः a crow. -तालिन् m. a libertine, sensualist. -ताली a procuress, bawd. -नाराचः, -नीरीचः 1 a voluptuary. -2 the god of love, Cupid. -3 a dog. -4 lascivious murmur. -निधिः the wagtail. -बन्धः sexual union. -मानस a. having a delighted mind. -विशेषाः various kinds of sexual union. -व्रणः, -शायिन् m. a dog. -हिण्डक 1 a ravisher or seducer of women. -2 a voluptuary.

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