raghu रघु

Definition: रघु a. Ved. 1 Quick, rapid. -2 Light, nimble. -3 Fickle -4 Eager. -घुः 1 Name of a celebrated king of the solar race, son of Dilīpa and father of Aja. [He appears to have been called Raghu from ragh or raṅgh 'to go', because his father foresaw that the boy would 'go' to the end of the holy learning as well as of his enemies in battle; cf. R.3.21. True to his name, he commenced the conquest of the directions, went over the whole of the then known world, overcame kings in battle, and returned covered with glory and laden with spoils. He then performed the Viśvajit sacrifice in which he gave away everything to Brāh- maṇas and made his son Aja successor to the throne.] -2 (pl.) The Raghus or descendants of Raghu; रघूणा- मन्वयं वक्ष्ये तनुवाग्विभवो$पि सन् R.1.9. -Comp. -उद्वहः the best of the Raghus i. e. Rāma. -कारः the author of Raghuvaṁśa i. e. Kālidāsa; पूर्वैर्विभिन्नवृत्तां गुणाढ्भव- भूतिबाणरघुकारैः Govardhanasaptaśatī; क इह रघुकारे न रमते Subhāṣ. -नन्दनः, -नाथः, -पतिः, -श्रेष्ठः, -सिंहः &c. epithets of Rāma; रघुनाथो$प्यगस्त्येन मार्गसंदर्शितात्मना R.; Rāma-rakṣā S. -प्रतिनिधिः the image or representative of Raghu, i. e. Aja; R.5.63. -वंशः the family of the Raghus; रघुवंशप्रदीपेन तेनाप्रमिततेजसा R.1.68. (-शम्) Name of a celebrated classical poem by Kālidāsa decribing the family of the Raghus in nineteen cantos. ˚तिलकः Name of Rāma; यजति रघुवंशतिलकः कौसल्यानन्दवर्धनो रामः Rām.

Dictionary: Apte
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