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Definition: the consonant र, generally cited as रेफ; the vowel अ is added to र् for facility of utterance: cf. T. Pr.' I.21; (2) short term (प्रत्याहृार) for र् and ल्; cf. उरण् रपरः, P. I. 1.51: (3) krt affix र applied to the roots नम्रः, कम्प्रः etc. in the sense of agent who is habituated to, or expert in the action expressed by the root; e. g, नम्रः, कम्प्र:; cf. नमिकम्पिस्म्यजसकमहिंसदीपो रः P. III. 2. 167; (4) tad. affix र as a Caturarthika affix applied to the words headed by अश्मन्: e. g. अश्मरः; cf. वुञ्छण् P. IV. 2. 80; (5) tad affix र in the sense of possession affixed to the words ऊष, सुषि, मुष्क, मधु, and तमस् with अ of तमस् changed to इ: e. g. ऊषरम्, सुषिरम्, मधुर:, तमिस्रा: cf. Kas on. P.V. 2.107 and 114: (6) tad. affix र in the sense of diminution affixed to the words कुटी, शमी and शुण्डा: e.g. कुटीर:, शमीर, शुण्डार:: cf. Kas. on P. V. 3. 88: (7) tad. affix रक् which see below; (8) krt affix रक् which see below; (9) a term for द्विगुसमास in the Jainendra Vyakarana.

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