rūpa रूप

Definition: word-form which is complete with प्रकृति (the base) and प्रत्यय, i.e. the affix which is attached to it; cf. रूपनिर्ग्रहश्च शब्दस्य नान्तरेण लौकिकं प्रयोगम् M. Bh. on P. I. 1.22 Vārt. 3; cf. also the usual expression का रूपसिद्धिः in the Mahābhāșya; cf. M. Bh. on I. 1.51, 1.2.58 etc.; the word is also used in the sense of a word-base (धातु or प्रातिपदिक); cf. स्वं रूपं शब्दस्याशब्दसंज्ञा P. I. 1.68; (2) the word form as characterized by its derivation and properties cf. तस्य रूपान्यत्वे वर्णान्यत्वम् explained as तस्य शब्दस्य अनुप्रदानादिभिः कारणौ रूपभेदे जन्यमाने वर्णभेदः संपद्यते T. Pr. XXII. 2

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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