rāmacandra रामचन्द्र

Definition: m. " rāma-s-moon", Name of the principal rāma- called dāśarathi-, as son of daśa-ratha-, and rāghava-, as descended from raghu- (although the affix candra-seems to connect him with the moon, he is not, like kṛṣṇa- and bala--ra1ma, of the lunar but of the solar race of kings;he forms the 7th avatāra- of viṣṇu- and is the hero of the rāmāyaṇa-, who, to recover his faithful wife sītā-, advanced southwards, killed the demon rāvaṇa- and subjugated his followers the rākṣasa-s, the poetical representatives of the barbarous aborigines of the south) ( )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Ra1matUp., IW. 330, RTL. 110
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