rākṣasa राक्षस

Definition: m. a rakṣas- or demon in general, an evil or malignant demon (the rākṣasa-s are sometimes regarded as produced from brahmā-'s foot, sometimes with rāvaṇa- as descendants of pulastya-, elsewhere they are styled children of khasā- or su-rasa-;according to some they are distinguishable into 3 classes, one being of a semi-divine benevolent nature and ranking with yakṣa-s etc.;another corresponding to Titans or relentless enemies of the gods;and a third answering more to nocturnal demons, imps, fiends, goblins, going about at night, haunting cemeteries, disturbing sacrifices and even devouring human beings;this last class is the one most commonly mentioned;their chief place of abode was laṅkā- in Ceylon;in they are fully described; see also ) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: R. v , 10 , 17 , IW. 310, RTL. 237, Kaus3., Up.
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