rāhuḥ राहुः

Definition: राहुः [रह्-उण् Uṇ.1.3] 1 Name of a demon, son of Viprachitti and Siṁhikā and hence often called Saiṁhikeya; ग्रसते हि तमोपहं मुहुर्ननु राह्वाह्वमहर्पतिं तमः Śi.16.57; विधुरपि विधियोगाद् ग्रस्यते राहुणासौ H. [When the nectar, that was churned out of the ocean, was being served to the gods, Rāhu disguised himself and attempted to drink it along with them. But he was detected by the sun and the moon who informed Viṣṇu of the fraud. Visnu, thereupon, severed his head from the body; but as he had tasted a little quantity of nectar the head became immortal, and is supposed to wreak its vengeance on the sun and moon at the time of conjunction and opposition; cf. Bh.2.34. In astronomy Rāhu is regarded, like Ketu, as one of the nine planets, or only as the ascending node of the moon.] -2 An eclipse, or rather the moment of occultation. -3 Abandoning. -4 One who abandons. -5 The regent of the southwest quarter. -Comp. -उच्छिष्टम्, -उत्सृष्टम् = लशुन q. v. -गतः a. darkened, eclipsed; also राहुग्रस्त. -ग्रसनम्, -ग्रासः, -दर्शनम्, -पीडा, -संस्पर्शः an eclipse (of the sun or moon). -छत्रम् green ginger. -पीडा an eclipse. -भेदिन् m. Name of Viṣṇu. -रत्नम् a kind of gem (= गोमेद). -शत्रुः the moon; राहुशत्रोः प्रियां पत्नीं ...... ग्रहेणाभ्युदितेनैकां रोहिणीमिव पीडिताम् Rām.2.114.3. -सूतकम् 'the birth of Rāhu', i. e. an eclipse (of the sun or moon); Y.1.146; cf. Ms.4.11. -हन् m. Name of Kriṣṇa; L. D. B.

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