prayatna प्रयत्न

Definition: effort; the word is used in connection with the effort made for producing sound; cf. तुल्यास्यप्रयत्नं सवर्णम् P.1.1.9 these efforts are described to be of two kinds बाह्य and आभ्यन्तर of which the latter are considered in determining the cognate nature of letters (सावर्ण्य); cf.अाभ्यन्तरप्रयत्नाः सवर्णसंज्ञायामाश्रीयन्ते;Kas. on P. I. 1.9; (2) specific measure taken for a particular purpose such as marking a letter with a particular tone or accent or dividing a rule, or laying down a modificatory rule or the like; cf. सैवाननुवृत्तिः शब्देनाख्यायते प्रयत्नाधिक्येन पूर्वसूत्रेपि संबन्धार्थम् Kas. on P. IV. 3.22.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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