pravara प्रवर

Definition: प्रवर a. 1 Chief, principal, most excellent or distinguished, best, exalted; भीष्मः कुरूणां प्रवरः Mb. 3.85.116; संकेतके चिरयति प्रवरो विनोदः MK.3.3; Ms. 1.27; Ghaṭ.16. -2 Eldest. -रः A call, summons. -2 A particular invocation addressed to Agni by a Brāhmaṇa at the consecration of his fire. -3 A line of ancestors. -4 A race, family, lineage. -5 An ancestor. -6 A Muni or noble ancestor who contributes to the credit of a particular gotra or family; said to be the friend of Indra; पुरश्चकार प्रवरं वरं यमायन् सखायं ददर्श तया सः N.14.62; cf. पञ्च˚, त्रि˚. -7 Offspring, descendants. -8 A cover, covering. -9 An upper garment. -1 One of the 42 Gotras. -रा Name of a river falling into the Godāvarī. -रम् 1 Aloe-wood -2 A particular high number; Buddh. -Comp. -कल्याण a. eminently beautiful. -जनः a person of quality. -धातुः precious metal. -ललितम् Name of a metre with each line of sixteen syllables; V. Ratna. See appendix. -वाहनौ (du.) an epithet of the two Aśvins.

Dictionary: Apte
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