pratiprajñāti प्रतिप्रज्ञाति

Definition: f. discrimina tion, ascertainment; -pranavam, ad. at every &open;om;&close; -pranava-samyukta, pp. accompanied with &open;om&close; on each occasion; -pranâma, m.counter-bow, salutation in return; -pratí, a. (m. n.) forming a counterpart, counterbalanc ing, a match for (ac.); -pratîka, °ree;-or -m, ad. at every initial word; on every part of the body; -pradâna, n. giving back, restitu tion; bestowal in marriage; -prabhâ, f. pl. reflexion (of fire); -prabhâtam, ad. every morning; -prayavana, n. repeated mixing; -prayâna, n. return; -prasna, m. counter question, answer; -prasava, m. counter pre cept, annulment of a prohibition regarding (--°ree;); return to the original state; -prasa vam, ad. at every birth; -prasthâtrí, m. priest assisting the Adhvaryu; -prasth&asharp;na, n. office of the Pratiprasthâtri; -prahâra, m.counter blow, stroke in return; -prâni, ad. in or for every living being; -prâbhrita, n. counter present; -prâsthânika, a. relat ing to the office of the Pratiprasthâtri.

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