pratipad प्रतिपद्

Definition: A1. -padyate- (Epic future also -patsyati-), to set foot upon, enter, go or resort to, arrive at, reach, attain etc. ; to walk, wander, roam ; to come back to (accusative), return ; to happen, occur, take place ; to get into (accusative), meet, with, find, obtain, receive, take in or upon one's self. etc. ; to receive back, recover ; to restore to favour ; to undertake, begin (accusative dative case or infinitive mood), practise, perform, accomplish etc. ; to do anything to any person, act or proceed or behave towards or against (locative case genitive case or accusative) ; to make, render ; to fall to a person's (accusative) lot or share, ; to let a person (dative case) have anything ; to give back, restore ; to perceive, find out, discover, become aware of or acquainted with, understand, learn etc. ; to deem, consider, regard ; to answer affirmatively say yes (with or scilicet tathā-,or tatheti-), acknowledge, assent, agree, promise etc. ; to begin to speak, commence (with accusative or instrumental case) ; to answer (also with uttaram- ) : Causal -pādayati-, to convey or lead to, procure, cause to partake of (2 accusative). give a present to, bestow on (locative case dative case or genitive case) etc. ; to give in marriage ; to spend. ; to present with (instrumental case) ; to put in, appoint to (locative case) ; to produce, cause, effect etc. ; to establish, substantiate, prove, set forth, explain, teach, impart etc. ; to deem, consider, regard as (2 accusative) (varia lectio -vadasi-for -pādayasi-): Desiderative -pitsate- () , to wish to attain ; to wish to know : Desiderative of Causal -pipādayiṣati-, to wish or intend to explain or analyze

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: VS., ChUp., MBh., Pa1rGr2., MBh., S3Br., AitBr., S3ak., Ragh., Nir., MBh., Ka1v., MBh., Hariv., R., MBh., Pa1rGr2., A1past., Mn. viii , 183, MBh., R., S3am2k., Sa1h., MBh., Ka1v., RV., Br., ChUp., R., Kaus3., Mn., MBh., A1past., ib., Ka1ran2d2., R., MBh., R., MBh., R., Pan5cat., Pa1n2. 7-4 , 54, S3am2k., Bha1m., S3am2k.
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