pratigraha प्रतिग्रह

Definition: noun (masculine) a chamber-vessel or any similar convenience for sick persons (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))a gift (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))a grasper (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))a spittoon (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))acceptance of gifts (as the peculiar prerogative of Brāhmans) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))accepting (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))favour (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))friendly reception (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))grace (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))marrying (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))name of the objects or functions corresponding to the 8 Grahas (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))present (esp. a donation to a Brāhman at suitable periods) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))receiving (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))receiving with the ear i.e. hearing (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))seizer (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))taking a wife (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))the reserve of an army (a detachment posted with the general 400 yards in the rear of a line) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))the sun near the moon's node (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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