pratigraha प्रतिग्रह

Definition: m. receipt, acceptance (of gifts), right to receive gifts (privilege of Brâhmans; the person from whom the pre sent is received is °ree;--, ab., or g.±sakâsât; the object is °ree;--); friendly reception; favour, grace; receiving with the ear, hearing; re ceiver; gift, present: in. as a present; -m kri, receive presents; -grahana, a. receiving; n. reception; acceptance (of gifts); -graha dhana, n. money received as a present; a. whose wealth consists in presents only; -gra ha-prâpta, pp. received as a present; -grah îtavya, fp. to be received, that may be ac cepted; -grahîtrí, m. receiver (of gifts); one who receives a girl, one who weds; nm. sg. used as ft.; -grâmam, ad. in every vil lage; -grâhaka, a. receiving gifts (only --°ree;); -grâhin, a. receiving, accepting; -grâhya, fp. to be received, from (ab.); from whom anything may be accepted.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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