pratigrahaḥ प्रतिग्रहः

Definition: प्रतिग्रहः 1 Receiving, accepting. -2 Receiving or accepting a donation; अयाचितोपपन्ने तु नास्ति दोषः प्रतिग्रहे -3 The right of receiving or accepting a donation. -4 The right of receiving gifts (which is a peculiar prerogative of Brāhmaṇas); अध्यापनमध्ययनं यजनं याजनं तथा । दानं प्रतिग्रहं चैव ब्राह्मणानामकल्पयत् ॥ Ms.1.88;4.86; Y.1.118 -5 A gift, present, donation; राज्ञः प्रतिग्रहो$यम् Ś.1; Śi.14.35. -6 A receiver (of a gift). -7 Kind or friendly reception; प्रतिग्रहाय पाण्डूनां प्रेषयामास कौरवान्Mb.1.27.12. -8 Favour, grace. -9 Marrying; तत्प्रतिग्रहलाभाय जित्वा भूपान् स्वयंवरे Bm.1.456. -1 Listening to. -11 The rear of an army. -12 A spitting-pot. -13 The sun near the moon's node. -14 a chambervessel (for sick persons). -15 a grasper, seizer; केश- प्रतिग्रहः = barber.

Dictionary: Apte
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