pratigrah प्रतिग्रह्

Definition: P. A1. -gṛhṇāti-, -gṛhṇīte- (irreg. 2. sg. imperative -gṛhṇa- ; Aorist -ajagrabhat- ), to take hold of, grasp, seize (in astrology = to eclipse, obscure) etc. ; to take (as a present or into possession), appropriate, receive, accept etc. (śirasā-,"with the head"i e."humbly, obediently") ; to gain, win over ; to take as a wife, marry etc. ; to take = eat, drink ; to receive (a friend or guest) etc. ; to receive (anything agreeable as a good word or omen) ; to assent to, acquiesce in, approve ; (rarely) to receive (an enemy) , oppose, encounter : Causal -grāhayati-, to cause to accept, present with (2 accusative) ; to answer, reply : Desiderative -jighṛkṣati-, to wish to accept

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: R., AitBr., AV., RV., R., R., Mn., MBh., RV., VS., TBr., RV., R., Ka1lid., MBh., R., MBh., Ragh., MBh., R., Ka1lid., BhP., Gaut.
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