pratigaja प्रतिगज

Definition: m. hostile elephant; -gata, pp. √ gam; n. return; -gamana, n. return; -gará, m. call in reply (of the Adhvaryu to the address of the Hotri); -gar itri, m. one who replies with a call; -garg ana, n. answering roar (of a cloud): â, f. id.; -gâtra, °ree;-or -m, ad. at every member; -giri, m. mountain opposite; -gîryam, fp. n. one should reply with a call; -gúpya, fp. one should beware of (ab.); -griham, ad. in every house; -grihîtavya, fp. to be re ceived kindly, to be welcomed (incorrect for -grahî-); -grihîtri, m. receiver (incorrect for -grahî-); -geham, ac. ad. in every house.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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