prathama प्रथम

Definition: lit, premier, first; the word is used in connection with the personal affixes तिप्, तस्, झि (अन्ति) of verbal forms. See the word पुरुष above; cf. अस्तिर्भवन्तीपरः प्रथमपुरुषः अप्रयुज्यमानोप्यस्तीति । वृक्षः प्लक्षः। M. Bh. on P. II. 3.1 and 4. The word प्रथम is used in the Pratisakhya works in the sense of the first consonants of the five vargas or groups of consonants; cf. प्रथमैर्द्वितीयास्तृतीयैश्चतुर्थाः V. Pr. IV. 110 cf. प्रथमतृतीयादीनामादेशादित्वादेत्वाभावः, M.Bh. on P. VI. 4.120 Vart 3, also cf. Katantra I. 4.1 and Hem. I. 3.35. The word is also used (in the feminine gender) in the sense of the case affixes सु (स्), औ, जस् (अस्) of the nominative case. The word is also used in the sense of the premier accent उदात्त (acute); cf. प्रथमभाविनः उदात्तभाविनः Uvvata on R. Pr. III. 8.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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