prath प्रथ्

Definition: cl.1 A1. () pr/athate- (rarely P. ti- exempli gratia, 'for example' imperfect tense 2. dual number /aprathatam- ; imperative prathantu- ; perfect tense paprathatuḥ- ;mostly A1. perfect tense paprath/e-, parasmE-pada paprathān/a- ; Aorist prathiṣṭa-, parasmE-pada prathān/a- ; future prathiṣyate-, prathitā- grammar), to spread, extend (intrans.; P.trans. and intrans.), become larger or wider, increase etc. ; to spread abroad (as a name, rumour etc.), become known or celebrated etc. ; to come to light, appear, arise ; to occur (to the mind) : Causal prath/ayati- (rarely te-; Aorist apaprathat- ; subjunctive papr/athat- ; paprathanta- ; pr/athayi- ), to spread, extend, increase etc. (prathayati-tarām- ; A1.intr. ) ; to spread abroad, proclaim, celebrate ; to unfold, disclose, reveal, show ; to extend over id est shine upon, give light to (accusative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xix , 3, RV., VS., BhP., RV., ib., RV., MBh., Ka1v., Kir., Ra1jat., Ra1jat., Pa1n2. 7-4 , 95, RV., ib., TS., RV., Ratna7v. iv , 3, RV., AV., R., Hariv., BhP., Ka1v., Pur., RV. iii , 14 , 4.
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