prastuta प्रस्तुत

Definition: प्रस्तुत p. p. 1 Praised, eulogized. -2 Begun, commenced. -3 Accomplished, done, effected. -4 Happened.-5 Approached. -6 Proposed, declared, under discussion, taken in hand. -7 Expected, desired. -8 Ready, prepared. -9 Executed with effort of energy. -1 Made or consisting of. -तम् 1 The matter in hand, the subject under discussion or consideration; अपि स्मरति नः साधो गोविन्दः प्रस्तुते क्वचित् Bhāg.1.47.42; अधुना प्रस्तुतमनुस्रियताम्. -2 (In Rhet.) Forming the subject of discussion, the उपमेय; see प्रकृत; अप्रस्तुतप्रशंसा सा या सैव प्रस्तुताश्रया K. P.1. -Comp. -अङ्कुरः a figure of speech in which a reference is made to a passing circumstance to bring out something latent in the hearer's mind; see Chandr.5.64. and Kuval. under प्रस्तुताङ्कुर.

Dictionary: Apte
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