prasañj प्रसञ्ज्

Definition: P. A1. -sajati-, te-, (P.) to hang on, attach to (locative case) ; to hang with id est to provide or supply with (instrumental case) ; to cling to (locative case) ; to engage with any one(locative case) in a quarrel or dispute, ; (only ind.p. -sajya-) to be attached to the world ; to result, follow, be the consequence of anything ; to cause to take place ; (A1.) to attach one's self to (accusative) : Passive voice sajyate-, or -sajjate- (ti-), to attach one's self, cling to, be devoted to or intent upon or occupied with (locative case) etc. ; to be in love (pr.p. -sajjantī-) ; (-sajjate-), to be the consequence of something else, result, follow, be applicable : Causal P. -sañjayati-, to cause to take place ; A1. -sajjayate-, to attach to, stick in (locative case;with na-,"to fly through", said of an arrow)