prarocana प्ररोचन

Definition: प्ररोचन a. Exciting or enticing. -नम् 1 Exciting, or stimulating. -2 Illustration, explanation. -3 Seduction. -4 Exhibition (of a person) for being seen and liked (by the people); अलोकसामान्यगुणस्तनूजः प्ररोचनार्थं प्रकटीकृतश्च Māl.1.1 (where Jagaddhara interprets प्ररोचनार्थम् by प्रवृत्तिपाटवार्थम् 'in order to be thoroughly acquainted with the world'). -6 Favourable description of that which is to follow in a play. -6 Representation of the end as all but accomplished; seeS. D.388 (प्ररोचना also in the last two senses; प्ररोचना तु विज्ञेया संहारार्थप्रदर्शिनी S. D.396).

Dictionary: Apte
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