prapakva प्रपक्व

Definition: a. inflamed (med.); -pak sha, m. tip of a wing; -pañka, m. expansion, prolixity, amplification, of (g. or --°ree;); phe nomenon; manifestation or form of (g.); phenomenal world (ph.); mutual flattery (rh.); ludicrous dialogue (dr.): in. or -tas, ad. in detail, -pañka-ka, a. (ikâ) multiply ing (--°ree;); amplifying, explaining in detail; -pañkana, n. detailed or prolix account; -pañka-buddhi, a. crafty, wily; -pañka-ya,den. describe or explain in detail; represent in a false light; -pañka-vakana, n. prolix discourse; -paná, m. trade, barter, purchase; -patana, n. flying away; falling down, from (ab. or --°ree;), into (lc. or --°ree;); -patti, f.pious resignation; (á)-patha, m. onward way, journey; road; -pathín, a. wandering; -pad, f. 1. road; 2. (prá-) fore part of the foot; (prá) pada, n. fore part or tip of the foot; -pada na, n. entry, into (--°ree;); -padam, ad. reciting in such a manner as to cut up verses into sec tions of an equal number of syllables and to interpose between them formulae contain ing the word prapadye (Br.); -panna, pp. (√ pad) reached, arrived; attained, obtained: -pâla, m. protector of suppliants (Krishna); -palâyana, n. flight; -palâyin, a. fleeing, fugitive; -p&asharp;, f. water-tank, reservoir, well; water-hut for travellers; affluent (of a tank etc.); -pâka, m.ripening (of an ulcer etc.); digestion; -pâtha: -ka, m. lesson (subsection in books); -pâni, m. fore-arm: -ka, m. id.; -pându, a. very white: -ra, a. id.; -pâta, m. kind of flight; leaping forward; hasten ing away; fall, from (ab. or --°ree;), into (lc. or --°ree;); falling out (of the hair); effusion (of semen); fall (of a glance on anything); steep declivity, precipice; -pâtana, n. felling, cast ing down; directing or causing (the eye) to alight (--°ree;);-pâna, n. drinking; -pâ-pâlikâ, -pâ-pâlî, f. female watcher of a water-tank, well, or water-hut; -pâ-mandapa, m. water hut (for travellers); -pâlaka, m. protector, guardian; -pâlana, n. guarding, protecting.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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