pramuc प्रमुच्

Definition: P. A1. -muñcati-, te-, to set free, let go, liberate, release from (ablative) ; to loosen, loose, untie, unbind, undo ; to rid one's self of (genitive case), escape ; (ind.p. -mucya-,having liberated one's self from[ ablative ] ) ; to drive away, banish, shake off ; to give up, resign, renounce ; to discharge, emit, throw out, shed etc. ; to hurl, fling, throw, shoot ; to utter ; to throw or put on (as a garland etc.) ; to lend, bestow : Passive voice -mucyate-, to free one's self from (ablative or instrumental case) etc. ; to be loosened, become loose or detached, fall off (as fruits) ; to leave off, cease : Causal -mocayati-, to liberate from (ablative) ; to loosen, untie : Desiderative -mumukṣati-, to be about to give up or resign

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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