pramāṇa प्रमाण

Definition: n. measure, scale, standard; extent, size; length; distance; weight; quan tity; duration; sp. prosodical length of a vowel; measure of physical strength; prin cipal (opp. interest); right measure, stand ard, authority; rule of action; means of cor rect knowledge, evidence, proof; true con ception, correct notion: bhavatî or bha vantah pramânam, you are the authority, i. e. the decision rests with you: in this sense the word is almost exclusively used in the sg., rarely in the pl. or fem. (î); with the inf. it =person authorized to: -ka, a. --°ree;=pramâ na, measure etc., means of knowledge, proof; -koti, f. extreme of evidence=irrefragable proof; -tara, a. or n. greater authority than (ab.); -tas, ad. with respect to measure, size, weight, length, etc.; -tva, n. correct ness; -drishta, pp. accounted an authority; demonstrable; -patha, m.way of proof: -m na½ava-tri, not admit of proof; -paddha ti, f. id.; -purusha, m. arbitrator, umpire, referee.

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