pralamba प्रलम्ब

Definition: प्रलम्ब a. 1 Pendulous, hanging down; as in प्रलम्ब- केश. -2 Prominent; as in प्रलम्बनासिकः. -3 Slow, dilatory. -म्बः 1 Hanging on or from, depending. -2 Anything hanging down. -3 A branch. -4 A garland worn round the neck. -5 A kind of necklace. -6 The female breast. -7 Tin or lead. -8 Name of a demon killed by Balarāma. -9 A shoot of the vine-palm. -1 A cucumber. -11 A verse (गाथा). -Comp. -अण्डः a man with hanging testicles. -घ्नः, -मथनः, -हन् m. epithets of Balarāma. -बाहु, -भुज a. One whose arms hang down; Mb.3.284.26.

Dictionary: Apte
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