prabudh प्रबुध्

Definition: A1. -budhyate- (Ved. infinitive mood -b/udhe-), to wake up, wake, awake (intrans.) etc. ; to expand, open, bloom, blossom etc. ; P. -bodhati-, to become conscious or aware of know, understand, recognise as (2. accusative) : Causal -bodhayati-, to wake up, awaken (trans.) etc. ; to cause to expand or bloom ; to stimulate (by gentle friction), ; to make sensible, cause to know, inform, admonish, persuade, convince etc. ; to instruct, teach (two accusative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., MBh., Ka1v., MBh., MBh., Ka1v., Kum., S3a1rn3gS., MBh., Ka1v., Ca1n2.
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