prabodha प्रबोध

Definition: m. awaking; revival, re covery of consciousness; awaking=opening of flowers; manifestation, appearance (of intelligence); waking, wakefulness; know ledge, understanding, intelligence; awak ening (tr.); restoration of an evaporated scent; friendly admonition: -ka, a. awaking =causing to open or blossom; --°ree; a. (i-kâ), knowledge, understanding; -kandra, m. moon of knowledge: -½udaya, m. rise of the moon of knowledge: title of a philosophical drama; -bodhana, a. awaking, arousing; n. awaking (int.), understanding, comprehension; instructing, enlightening; wakening (tr.); -bodhita, cs. pp. aroused, awakened: -vat, pp. act. (he) aroused; -bodhin, a. awaking; -bodha½udaya, m. rise of knowledge: title of a work; -bodhya, 1. cs. gd. having in structed, explained, suggested, or called the attention; 2. fp. to be awakened.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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