prātipadikagrahaṇa प्रातिपदिकग्रहण

Definition: express mention by wording of a noun-base as in दित्यदित्यादित्य, सुधातुरकङ् च etc., and not by description as अदन्त in अत इञ् (P.IV.1.95) or in a group of words (गण); cf. प्रातिपदिकग्रहणे लिङ्गविशिष्टस्यापि ग्रहणम् Par. Sek. Pari. 71, which recommends the feminine form of the base for an operation, provided the base is specifically expressed and not merely described. e. g युवतिः खलतिः युवखलतिः, चटकस्यापत्यं चाटकैरः, वह्नीनां पूरणी बहुतिथी etc.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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