prāpta प्राप्त

Definition: प्राप्त p. p. 1 Got, obtained, won, acquired. -2 Reached, attained to. -3 Met with, found. -4 Incurred, suffered, endured; सभार्येण सराष्ट्रेण यत् प्राप्तं तत्र तत्त्वतः (संप्रपश्यति) Rām.1.3.3. -5 Arrived, come, present. -6 Completed. -7 Proper, right. -8 Following from a rule, -9 Described (as a symptom). -1 Fixed, placed. -11 (In gram.) Following from a rule, valid. Comp. -अनुज्ञ a. one who has got permission to go, allowed to depart. -अपराध a. guilty of an offence. -अर्थ a. successful. (-र्थः) an object gained. -अवसर a. 1 finding occasion or opportunity. -2 timely, seasonable. (-रः) a fit or suitable time. -उदय a. one who has attained rise or exaltation. -कर्मन् n. that which results or follows from a preceding rule. -कारिन् a. doing what is right. -काल a. 1 opportune, seasonable, suitable; see अप्राप्तकाल. -2 marriageable. -3 fated, destined. (-लः) a fit time, suitable or favourable moment. (-लम्) ind. seasonably, opportunely, timely; अप्राप्तकालं वचनं बृहस्पतिरपि ब्रुवन् Pt.1. 63. -क्रम a. fit, proper, suitable. -जीवन a. revived, restored to life. -दोष a. guilty. -पञ्चत्व a. resolved into the five elements, i. e. dead; cf. पञ्चत्व. -प्रसव a. 1 delivered of a child. -2 near her confinement; प्राप्तप्रसव- मात्मानं गङ्गादेव्यां विमुञ्चति U.7.2. -बीज a. sown. -बुद्धि a. 1 recovering, regaining one's consciousness. -2 instructed, enlightened. -भारः a beast of burden. -भाव a. 1 wise. -2 handsome. -वः a young bullock. -मनोरथ a. one who has obtained his desired object. -यौवन a. being in the bloom of youth, arrived at the age of puberty, youthful. -रूप a. 1 handsome, beautiful. -2 wise, learned. -3 charming, attractive. -4 fit, proper, worthy. -वर a. fraught with blessings. -व्यवहार a. come of age, being able and legally authorised to manage his own affairs (opp. 'minor'). -श्री a. one who owes his rise (to another); इतः स दैत्यः प्राप्तश्रीर्नेत एवार्हति क्षयम् Ku.2.55; Pt.1.244. -सूर्य a. having the sun (vertical).

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