piccham पिच्छम्

Definition: पिच्छम् [पिच्छ्-अच्] 1 A feather of a tail (as of a peacock); Bhāg.1.12.4. -2 The tail of a peacock; शिखिपिच्छलाञ्छितकपोलभित्ती Ki.12.41; क्षणमलघुविलम्बिपिच्छ- दाम्नः शिखरशिखाः शिखिशेखरानमुष्य Śi.4.5. -3 The feathers of an arrow. -4 A wing. -5 A crest. -च्छः A tail in general. -च्छा 1 A sheath, covering, coat. -2 The scum of boiled rice. -3 A row, line. -4 A heap, multitude. -5 The gum or exudation of the silk-cotton tree. -6 A plantain. -7 An armour. -8 The calf of the leg. -9 The venomous saliva of a snake. -1 A betel-nut. -11 A diseased affection of a horse's feet. -Comp. - आस्रावः slimy saliva. -बाणः a hawk. -लतिका a tail-feather.

Dictionary: Apte
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