piś पिश्

Definition: (piṃś-) cl.6 P. () piṃśati-, Ved. also A1. te- (perfect tense pip/eśa-, pipiś/e- śre- ; Aorist parasmE-pada piśān/a- ; apeśīt- grammar; future peśiṣyati-, peśitā- grammar), to hew out, carve, prepare (especially meat), make ready, adorn (A1. also"one's self") ; to form, fashion, mould : Passive voice piśy/ate- : Causal peśayate- Aorist apīpiśat- grammar : Desiderative pipiśiṣati- or pipeśiṣati- : Intensive See p/epiśat-, śāna-. ([ confer, compare Greek ; Slavonic or Slavonian pisati; Anglo-Saxon fa7h.])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxviii , 143, RV., ib., RV., TBr., AV., ib.
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