phak फक्

Definition: tad.affix फ marked with mute क् for effecting the वृद्धि substitute for the initial vowel of the word to which it is applied. The initial letter फ् of all the affixes beginning with फ् in Panini's grammar is always changed into आयन्. The tad. affix फक् is affixed (1) in the sense of गोत्रापत्य grandchild and his issues, to the words नड and others as also to the words ending with the affixes यञ् and इञ् and words शरद्वत्, दर्भ, द्रोण etc. e.g. नाडायनः, शालङ्कायनः, दाक्षायणः प्लाक्षायणः, द्रोणायनः, वैदः, अौर्वः etc.; cf P.IV. 1.99-103; (2) as a caturarthika affix in the four senses mentioned in P. IV. 2.67-70 to the words पक्ष and others e. g. पाक्षायणः, तौषायणः; cf. P.IV. 2.80.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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