parpaṭa पर्पट

Definition: noun (masculine) a kind of thin cake made of rice or pease-meal and baked in grease (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))Fumaria indica Pugsley (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Fumaria officinalis Linn. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Fumaria parviflora Lam. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Glossocardia linearifolia Cass. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Hedyotis Burmanniana R.Br. (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))Justicia procumbens Linn. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Mollugo cerviana Ser. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Mollugo Pentaphylla Linn. (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))Oldenlandia biflora Linn. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Oldenlandia corymbosa Linn. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 571)Oldenlandia umbellata Linn. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Podophyllum Emodi Wall. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Polycarpaea corymbosa Lam. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Rungia parviflora Nees (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)Rungia repens Nees (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 572)

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