parityaj परित्यज्

Definition: P. -tyajati- (te- ; ind.p. -tyajya-), to leave, quit, abandon, give up, reject, disregard, not heed etc. ; (with deham-) to forsake the body id est die ; (with prāṇān-,or jīvitam-) to resign the breath, give up the ghost ; (with nāvam-) to disembark : Passive voice -tyajyate-, to be deprived or bereft of (instrumental case) etc.: Causal -tyājayati-, to deprive or rob a person of (2 accusative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: R., Ma1rkP., Mn., MBh., BhP., Mn., MBh., Das3., Vet., MW., Mn., Pan5c., Hit., R.
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