parihara परिहर

Definition: m. concealment; -hara- nîya, fp. to be shunned or avoided: -tâ, f. avoidance; -hartavya, fp. to be given up or delivered; to be avoided, shunned, or re moved; -concealed or kept to oneself; refuted; -hâni or -hâni, f. diminution; -hâpanîya, fp. to be discontinued; -hâra, m. avoidance; abandonment, desertion (of a person); escaping from (--°ree;); concealment; refutation; exemption, privilege, immunity; common grazing ground round a village or town; -h&asharp;ram, abs. moving around; -hârin, a. avoiding (--°ree;); -hârya, fp. to be avoided or let alone, avoidable; to be separated; to be exempted from (in.).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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