parihā परिहा

Definition: P. -jahāti-, (ind.p. -hāya-; infinitive mood -hātum-), to leave, abandon, quit ; to omit, neglect, disregard : Passive voice -hīyate- (with future -hāsyati- ), to be avoided or omitted, be destitute or deprived of, desist or be excluded from (ablative), be wanting or deficient, be inferior to (ablative or instrumental case), wane, fail, decrease, pass away etc.: Causal -hāpayati-, to cause to relinquish or abandon ; to interrupt, leave unfinished

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: R., BhP., Mn., MBh., Hariv., MBh., Mn., MBh., Ka1v., Naish., Mn. viii , 206.
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